Huobi Ventures Weekly Report #12

Huobi Ventures Weekly Insights

Insight provided by Harry Yin of Huobi Ventures

Join us in the Metaverse!

Over the past few months, we have observed a rapid development in SpaceY2025 with a blooming number of verified users on discord. As part of the SpaceY Family, we are happy to see more Metaverse civilians adapting to this brand-new digitalized world. Later last month Facebook announced to rename the company name to META, honoring the metaverse, which calls attention to welcome everyone to find a place of belonging in the digitalized world. We are also excited to witness this revolutionary moment as more traditional firms are adapting to the Metaverse. A frequent question asked is what are some aspects of the metaverse that the Huobi Ventures team is seeking? As of Huobi Ventures, we are looking forward to establish a digitalized world that interconnects across all metaverses such that Metaverse civilians can find the best suitable way for them to fulfill their spiritual needs. Huobi Ventures investment manager @harryy1n has shared an insight that “as for the current stage of the blockchain development, play to earn games are dominating the GameFi market, adding economic value into the video gaming environment, but the core value behind the Metaverse and GameFi will always be games that welcome everyone to live freely across multiple metaverses or identities, a world without any physical limitations and a way you choose to be”. Our team carries on the mission to be welcoming everyone on to this new journey.

Huobi Ventures Latest Update

ABGA is proud to announce Huobi Ventures as a founding member and also Diamond member of us! Huobi Ventures are involved in launching ABGA and will build the ecology with excellent institutions which also have dreams and passion for the blockchain gaming industry.

Portfolios Weekly Status

[All Art]

For the first time ever, CoinMarketCap and SolSea delivers you solana
NFT data! Track your collection performance on CoinMarketCap today. Details


· Biconomy raises $11.5M in public sale of native token BICO. Details

· Biconomy partners with Argoapp on the common vision of simplifying Web3 for devs & making blockchain mainstream. Details


Clover will be participating in the first parachain auctions batch, from November 11th until December 16th. Details


CYS-USDC has launched liquidity farming on Cropper Finance. Details


HurricaneSwap trading competition in Nov 1st-8th. Details


· InsurAce announces a new listing of Olympus DAO. Details

· InsurAce announces a new listing of GnosisSafe. Details

· InsurAce announces a new listing of Element Finance

today, and our bYield Finance, Balancer Labs and Element Finance

Bundle. Details

[Linear Finance]

We are delighted to announce a new partnership with Open DAO protocol. Details


OpenOcean Atlantic Version launched on Ethereum. Details


OE’s biggest upgrade in history is going down in 24 hours. Network will be back up within 6 hours, in all its sleek, glorious EVM Equivalence. Details

[Rangers Protocol]

Rangers Protocol reached strategic cooperation with DeHero, 2nd NFT transaction volume on BSC. Details

[ROCO Finance]

ROCO Finance announced strategic partnership with HoopGames and PeraFinance. Details


· ZKSwap V3 underlying codes > completed, Beta version with key functions > running on the testnet, Move on to work on front-end interaction features next week. Details

· ZKSwap Rebranding: Give Feedback and Share 10K ZKS Rewards. Details

About Huobi Ventures

Led by Huobi CFO Lily Zhang, Huobi Ventures is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Huobi Group focusing on Huobi global investment. Composed of four divisions — strategic M&A, strategic investment, asset management and global cooperation, Huobi Ventures has already launched three funds targeting typical fields: Blockchain, HECO and NFT. We aim to empower further growth of Huobi Global, and create a global community with our partners for mutual benefits.

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