Huobi Ventures Weekly Report #17

Huobi Ventures Weekly Insights

Insight provided by Larry of Huobi Ventures

Web3 is becoming a grand narrative, but only after a long period of exploration can we arrive at Politeia. In Chinese, there is a metaphor for the Web2 business: wool eventually comes from a bear, which means that the platform provides users with services for free but earns an income from third parties such as advertisers or e-commerce companies. This model works very well because it created a new paradigm to capture the network value which is connected with the bigger external world. That’s how the micro-economy becomes quite robust. But it involves too many old world’s ingredients: the platform continuously collects data so as to optimize algorithms for profits, keeping users under control and trapped.

However, when we look at the Web3 world, many prestigious projects backed by strong investors and communities faded as quickly as they emerge. If economic incentives are recklessly introduced, arbitrageurs would flood in and bad money drive out good money. High-quality contents would be overwhelmed with trash and real creators leave in a hurry.

What we believe is that poor economic designs might be only the surface. A closed, internal economic system is its fatal flaw. Building an Open Value-Network (OVN) that is connected with the external world, continuously and healthily leveraging the network value and giving back to users could be one of the important objectives in the Web3 world.

Huobi Ventures Latest Update

Huobi Ventures announce to invest KingdomX.


Huobi Ventures Portfolio Atlas Dex has raised 6 million to accelerate the platform’s expansion plans such as integrating further leading blockchains into the platform and developing new products.


Portfolios Weekly Status

[All Art]

The utility of $AART has been activated on SolSea. You can now stake $AART token for lower trading fees, and gold listings of NFTs. Details

[Animoca Brands]

Animoca Brands invested in Sportium Fan, the NFT platform that aims to bring traditional sports to the metaverse. Details


Biconomy will power gasless swaps on crosswise for an improved cross-chain DEX experience on BSC. Details

[Boba Network]

$BOBA listed by Bithumb. Details


Kucoin will be launching the 18th Spotlight token sale with @ClearDao.

The $CLH token sale will operate using the proportional distribution model and it will start on 5th January 2022. Details


Clover announce partnership with Solanart, The first and largest NFT marketplace on Solana. Details

Clover announced its latest partner Heroes&Empires, is one of the first NFT gaming projects that combines the modern RPG gameplay & blockchain technology. Details

Clover had a new partnership with Treasureland , is a cross-chain NFT platform for NFTs trading and NFTcollections. Details

Clover joins forces with Standard , a collateralized rebasable stablecoin protocol for synthetic assets operating across the PolkaDot ecosystem. Details


SpaceFalcon Announces Strategic Partnership with Cyclos. Details


GamesPad NFTs will be available for purchase on Binance NFT on JANUARY 7. Details


One Ring Finance and Project Larix will be working together to leverage both platforms capabilities on the Solana Blockchain. Details

The TVL of LPs on Larix has exceeded $10 million. Details

[Lithium Finance]

Lithium Finance has announced a partnership with TrueFi. Details


NAOS is now fully integrated with MathWallet. Details

Users can now participate in the $NAOS protocol using ONTOWallet. Details


Pacific x Voicestreet reached cooperation to start Phase 6 INO. Details


$ASET token info is now available on Coinpaprika. Details


Pacific x Voicestreet reached cooperation to start Phase 6 INO. Details

About Huobi Ventures

Huobi Ventures is focused on growing its venture investment portfolio and supporting blockchain projects through long-term investment strategies.Huobi Ventures aims to identify strategic opportunities across different blockchain verticals to complement and expand Huobi’s product offerings. Acquisitions will be integrated into Huobi’s growing suite of blockchain-enabled applications and services to expand the business into new markets.

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Focus on Huobi’s venture investment portfolio and supporting innovative blockchain projects through long-term strategies. Twitter:@HuobiVentures

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Huobi Ventures

Huobi Ventures

Focus on Huobi’s venture investment portfolio and supporting innovative blockchain projects through long-term strategies. Twitter:@HuobiVentures

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