Huobi Ventures Weekly Report #28

Huobi Ventures Weekly Insights

Insight provided by Rachel of Huobi Ventures

In the past few weeks, bayc has shocked the whole market. First, the project announced the plan of tokens, followed by airdrop, deck and roadmap, which stimulated market’s imagination. At the same time, the floor price of BAYC has also been raised to the level of 100 ETH. With the tokenization comes the problem of community governance.

We can see that there are already proposals on the design of future NFT and token acquisition methods, and AIP4 and AIP5 have triggered extensive discussion in the community. In the discussion and voting results, we can see that the early NFT holders and the holders of governance token have diametrically opposite interest demands. It is not difficult to understand that there were only tens of thousands of NFT holders in the early stage, but the number of token holders after listing token will be many times as that. Token holders do not want to see that NFT holder continues to enjoy rich dividends after receiving airdrop, while NFT holder prefers to see themselves as an early builder of a project, they deserve it.

Sadly, we didn’t see a pre-designed and well-structured DAO governance framework, which can balance the needs of two different groups. What will NFT DAO be like?This is a difficult problem to solve.



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