Huobi Ventures Weekly Report #3

Huobi Ventures Weekly Insights

Insight provided by Jinbin Xie of Huobi Ventures

If the world of Blockchain is the magic world of Hogwarts, Zero Knowledge Proof must be the Felix Felicis. To classify NP-applicable problems to NP problems, Zero Knowledge Proof (zk) must be the panacea.
More applications of Zero Knowledge Proof are emerging: zk + Rollup = zkSync, zk + Coin = ZCash, zk + EVM = zkEVM, zk + Storage = Filecoin, zk + Block proof = Mina, or zk + Network = (to be expected).

With the influx of solutions for acceleration of zkSnark algorism, for instance, solutions for video card acceleration, such as bellperson, have generated millions of zkSnark Proof, as long as to enhance the performance of the upcoming professional ASIC chips. Consumption of zk computation will not be a major constraint any more.

Let alone the research of zkSync that already have been conducted on zkEVM; more zkApplications will be seen on zkEVM in the near future, such as Proof of Credit Score, Proof of Authentic Identity Document, etc.
zkVerse (zk+everything) is coming true.

Huobi Ventures Latest Update

· Huobi Ventures x HECO Mainnet Happy Hour is coming soon!

Huobi Ventures x HECO Mainnet Happy Hour is co-hosted by Huobi Ventures and HECO.
Casual networking meetup with the industry leaders (founders, projects, VCs) who are making things happen in crypto and enjoy an open bar, delicious bites and craft cocktails! Come to join us!

· Huobi Ventures has been partner with Immutable X . Huobi Ventures Blockchain Fund participated in the ‘Additional Community Growth’ allocation of the $IMX private sale at US$10 per token to be unlocked linearly over 6 months. Details

Portfolios Weekly Status


Animoca Brands announced that its REVV token had listed on OkEx. Details


Automata announced partnership with Avalanche, Polygon,Moonbeam Network, Astar Network, Darwinia Network, Clover Finance, Celer Network,
Litentry, Crust Network, POKT Network, Bounce Finance, Math Wallet. Details


· Conflux hosts launch of IEEE P3217 Blockchain standards conference. Details

· Conflux Network’s hard fork is coming — Including the Addition of a PoS Layer. Details


Connext shows testing out xPollinate v2: Arbitrum to Polygon testnets in 70 seconds. Details


dTrade partners with hummingbot. Details


Lithium Finance Onboards Pantera Capital as wisdom node to price the unpriced. Details


Mercurial created its first ever NFT. Details


NAOS Finance joined BSC ecosystem,the NAOS-BNB Syrup Pool is live on PancakeSwap. Details


Oasis Labs has released the last episode of introductory parcel office tutorial series to help users to run their first compute job. Details


· Optimism releases a new Gateway interface which enables arbitrary token deposits and withdrawals to Optimistic Ethereum. Details

· Optimistic L2 processed over 1 million transactions. Details

· Optimism is integrated in DeBank. Details

· Optimism is supported by Celer cBride. Details


· The first Euro stable coin prize pool is live. Details

· Proposal 21 is live for voting. Details

· PoolTogether is live on Celo with $500,000 of deposit rewards. Details


Huobi Global launches $RLY. Details


SubDAO announced to be one of the members of Patract Open Platform. Details

[Terra]’s Venture team invested in $LUNA and is now running their own validator node on the Terra network. Details


zkSync 2.0 Developer Update. Details


· ZKSwap V1 ceased operation, and users need to migrate assets to V2. Details

· ZKSwap partners with ZKBox. Details

About Huobi Ventures

Led by Huobi CFO Lily Zhang, Huobi Ventures is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Huobi Group focusing on Huobi global investment. Composed of four divisions — strategic M&A, strategic investment, asset management and global cooperation, Huobi Ventures has already launched three funds targeting typical fields: Blockchain, HECO and NFT. We aim to empower further growth of Huobi Global, and create a global community with our partners for mutual benefits.

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