Huobi Ventures Weekly Report #6

Huobi Ventures Weekly Insights

Insight provided by Evans Huangfu of Huobi Ventures

In the world of engineering, middleware is software that provides common services and capabilities to applications outside of what’s offered by the operating system. Data management, application services, messaging, authentication, and API management are all commonly handled by middleware. The situation is similar for blockchain.

Blockchain technology and DeFi boom have completely changed the way we do finance since 2020, and there are more and more institutions and players exploring what DeFi can do for them. However, the lack of engineering capacity with the wide range of expertise required are the big barriers for most participants.

This is why we — Huobi Ventures believe blockchain middleware can be huge for the entire ecosystem. Middleware helps make application development cost-effective, efficient and helps to support environments, ensuring services will run consistently across a distributed network. Projects in the middleware sector today handle nearly all infrastructure issues, so one can possibly build new decentralized applications without knowing anything about how to create a new blockchain transaction. Isn’t that great? I think we will witness an evolving array of middleware solutions that make decentralized services user-friendly and open.

We will continue exploring the concepts and use cases of Middleware. Feel free to leave a comment about how you think about middleware.

Huobi Ventures Latest Update

· Lily Zhang, the CFO of Huobi will attend Greenwich Economic Forum on Sep 21–23.2021.

· Huobi Mainnet Happy Hour party co-hosted by Huobi Ventures and HECO Chain with our sincere partners OP Crypto VC and Animoca Brands in New York on 9/19 held successfully.

· Huobi Ventures announces investment in Project SEED, a one-stop, play-to-earn GameFi platform. Details

· Huobi Ventures announces investment in HurricaneSwap, the first Cross-Chain liquidity DEX on Avalanche.

Portfolios Weekly Status


The Acala Crowdloan waitlist is open. Details

[All Art]

SolSea is live. Details

[Animoca Brands]

Animoca Brands is acquiring a majority stake in Bondly,the premiere #NFT solutions provider empowering the next generation of NFT creators. Details


Automata is live on Polygon. Details


Biconomy powered gasless transactions now live on Moonriver. Details


The BitClout Founder has raised $200M to launch a DeSo Network. Details


Clearpool is on Medium. The team will use this platform to publish educational content accessible to their community. Details


Conflux, Shanghai Maritime partner on offshore RMB stablecoin in free trade zone. Details


Price charts for many tokens are now live. And best of all, CYS hodlers swap for free. Details


deBridge receives grant from Polygon. Details


· InsurAce announces integration and handshake partnership with

Bright Union. Details

· FTX listed on InsurAce. Details

· Users can use WalletConnect on InsurAce dApp to connect to their Trust Wallet account. Details

· Cover Compared by PolkaCover will be launching in the coming weeks with InsurAce as one of its founding partners. Details

· PoolTogether has been listed on the InsurAce dApp. Details

· InsurAce has partnered with SupraOracles. Details

[Linear Finance]

Linear Finance has integrated with Chainlink and successfully upgraded protocol’s oracle mechanism to Chainlink Price Feeds. Details


Lithium Finance partners with Genesis Shards. Details


Mercurial has partnered with Serum. Details


Authtrail joined Moonbeam Network’s ecosystem. Details


Multiverse first planetary founder interview is now live. Details


Nym Review — A Full-Stack Privacy Solution Powered by Cryptocurrency Incentives. Details


· Optimism has been integrated to Trust Wallet. Details

· With the next mainnet upgrade Optimism is tossing out the custom Solidity compiler and introducing a truly native Ethereum experience on L2. Details

[O3 Swap]

O3 Swap’s NFT HackerPunks are just about ready. Details


New Spanish tutorial for using PoolTogether on CeloOrg. Details

[Project SEED]

Project SEED has achieved partnership with Panda Capital to reach and grow intensively in the China market. Details


xNFT Protocol lived on Arbitrum portal. Details


· NFTs are coming to ZKSwap in V3. Details

· The ZKSwap app has launched on the Apple app store. Details

About Huobi Ventures

Led by Huobi CFO Lily Zhang, Huobi Ventures is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Huobi Group focusing on Huobi global investment. Composed of four divisions — strategic M&A, strategic investment, asset management and global cooperation, Huobi Ventures has already launched three funds targeting typical fields: Blockchain, HECO and NFT. We aim to empower further growth of Huobi Global, and create a global community with our partners for mutual benefits.

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